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Energy Medicine Devices
Testing a device during an Energy Medicine research session with
Dr. James Oschman (
www.energyresearch.us), Seattle 2005.
EEG research testing a scalar field emitting device revealed a
brainwave entrainment effect and enhanced Biofield emissions.
The Synchroton device, made by Optimox Corp.  emits a
scalar field at 7.8 Hz (principal Schumann resonance). It has
been reported to effectively shield against EMF pollution and
assist in alleviating symptoms of CFS.
My EEG research has revealed that a subset of sensitive
subjects (about 60% of those tested, N=35), showed a robust
EEG response to Synchroton exposure: brainwave rhythms in
the bandwidth 7.5-10.5 Hz, (Theta-Alpha) absolute spectral
power was significantly increased, demonstrating that scalar
fields have a measurable electrophysiological effect that is
consistent with an entrainment -like effect  on brainwave activity.

EEG entrainment effects during exposure to the Synchroton, an electronic
scalar device pulsing at 7.8 Hz Schumann fundamental frequency.
Journal of Neurotherapy (Submitted, 2012), Juan Acosta-Urquidi, PhD  
and Guy Abraham, MD
copyright Juan Acosta-Urquidi, PhD.   
QEEG results from a sensitive subject showing robust entrainment effect to a 10 min. exposure to Synchroton
A-30 device positioned 2 feet distant. Left, Absolute power-frequency spectra of averaged EEG raw data
Baseline (before)  vs Synchroton (note robust increased power during exposure). Right,
topographic brainmaps revealed a 350% increase in peak Alpha power.
 copyright Juan Acosta-Urquidi, PhD.  
GDV camera (Korotkov) images reveal the human
Biofield changed after a 15 min. exposure to the
Synchroton . Left, the control (before exposure)
biofield appeared with multiple gaps, which were filled
after Scalar Field healing (Synchroton). Right, the
Biofield intensity was alsosignificantly augmented after
.Synchroton exposure (shown clearly for same
fingertip GDV images, above).
                             copyright  Juan Acosta-Urquidi, PhD.
EEG studies testing the Erchonia EB-PRO Ion Therapy System footbath.
Topographic brainmaps from the EEG tests showing a 15
min. exposure to the footbath produced a slight increase in
Absolute Alpha power.
Subject is hooked up to EEG and tested
with the EB-PRO footbath system.
The Living Matrix interconnects from cells to the whole
body. Dr. James Oschman,
In Dr. Gerek's Lab. testing the signal emitted by the
Synchroton with sensitive instrumentation. San Francisco, CA, 2012.
EEG tests of the effects of Tesla lights,
www.teslaenergylights.com in Boulder, CO, 2011.