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Energy Healers
Most energy healers have been led to do their work
by a higher calling, often following a life crisis.
I have had the honor to work with and observe a
fairly large sample of energy healers (some refer to
themselves as spiritual healers). Some of the
modalities I have experienced include:
Bioenergetic, Crystals, Deeksha, Johrei, Pranic,
Qi Gong, Quantum Touch, Polarity, Reconnective
Healing, Reiki, Shamanic, Sound, Therapeutic
Touch, Matrix Energetics.
Healer by Alex Grey
Healer SJ clearing client's
throat chakra, Wichita, KS,
Left: measuring Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in a subject receiving Deeksha
 Right: The author receiving Deeksha , Lima, Peru, 2006.
Heaven and Earth Connection, Montreal, 2003
Dr. Acosta with Dr. Bernard Grad (Canadian pioneer in the scientific
study of healers) and healer Zeev Kolman, at iiihs Conference, Montreal, 2003
Dr. Juan Acosta presenting his
research titled:
“Brain Mapping of
Bioenergetic Healers”
, at 28th iiihs
International Conference: “Heaven &
Earth Connection
, 2003”, Montreal,
CAN., 2003,
Spiritual Healer NT working at iiihs
conference, Montreal, 2003.
HRV recording session
from Shamanic Healer H W
at iiihs conference, 2003.
Healer Zeev Kolman at work,
Montreal, 2003.
Healer Antonin Poncik at
work., Montreal 2003
Some useful links:
The author prepares healer Joyce Hawkes  for
a QEEG recording session. Her shifting brainstates
were recorded as she worked on a client sitting aprox.
12 ft  across the room. Joyce is renown for her
non-local distant healings. Mt. Baker, WA. 2006.
The power of sound, produced by playing instruments and the human voice, is one of my favorite energy
healing modalities, and it is very ancient, perhaps the first energy medicine.
As a drummer/percusionist I have experienced firsthand  the healing power of the drum and rhythm to
move the human spirit and promote wellness and accelerate healing.

To experience the vibratory energy of gongs, bowls, bells, rattles, strings, hides, winds and voice during a
healing session in the hands of an expert is a transformative experience. Over the years I have been
privileged to work with and meet  with many very gifted sound healers.  
Sound healing
Participants in the Flowering ceremony experienced  the magic of
Peruvian Soundhealer/Shaman Tito LaRosa's work during his visit
to Seattle, WA, 2005.  
Tito LaRosa with the author, Woodinville, WA, 2005.
A Patient being healed by the touch of
Asklepios, from Piraeus, Ancient Greece.
Top right:  Theta Healer generates dominant
spectral peak at ca. 6.5 Hz and smaller peak at
13 Hz. A QEEG brainmap from a subject
receiving a healing from her shows  a robust
incease in Alpha spectral power. Difference
topo maps to demonstrate the increased power
was in Alpha band (ca. 10 Hz).