Energy Healers

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Ongoing research on QEEG studies of  Altered States of Consciousness, ASC.

EEG Alpha spectral power is augmented during Energy Healing.
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QEEG and HRV studies of healers Dr. Richard Blasband and Mikhail Dehkta (Center for Functional Research,
www.functionalresearch.org  , Sausalito, CA)

QEEG brainmapping studies of healer chiropractor Dr. Corey Sondrup
www.optimalhealthdynamics.com,  Provo, UT.

QEEG and HRV studies of matrix energy healer Richard Bartlett (

QEEG tests of EB-PRO Ion Therapy System footbath (

QEEG and HRV studies of the effects of LifeWave Patches.

QEEG and HRV studies of energy healers (ongoing research), including
Swamiji Sri Nithyananda (

Energy Transaction Between Healer and Client Measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis.
Juan Acosta-Urquidi, PhD. and Ann Trechak, CME, LHMP
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QEEG Brainwaves and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis of Bioenergetic Healers.
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TITLE: “Brain Mapping of BioenergeticHealers”.
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2002. Research scientist consultant for WINDS Enterprises (Seattle company).
Project consists of design and testing of magnets for sports performance enhancement.

Consultant in EEG; member of an NIH/NCCAM funded study: Neural Energy Transfer (NET), UW-Bastyr
University Joint Research Project. Transference of brainwave signals  between two empathically connected
subjects. Involved in early phase of project, design and signal detection analysis, training research assistants
and recording all visual evoked potentials (VEPS).

Research Scientist, Radiology Department, University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC). Member of an
NIH funded team researching alternative treatments for multiple sclerosis patients. Conducted QEEG studies
on the effectiveness of pulsed magnetotherapy device to treat MS patients. Initiated EEG project working with
Energy Healers.

Director of Research, Synetic Systems, Seattle, WA. Brain mapping QEEG
studies of photic and auditory driving, testing stimulation programs for light/sound machines.
QEEG and Psychophysiological Research with
Swamiji Nithyananda.
EEG and HRV analysis research session with Swamiji
in New Jersey during NSP training, april 2005. The author
and Anne Trechak.
Prepping Swamiji for QEEG recordings.
Baseline QEEG recording
HRV duringHealing.
HRV analysis during meditation.
Meditation QEEG brainmapping
Research with Swamiji in Seattle during DSP training, april 2006.
Swamiji attained Samadhi state.
  Ananda Gandha healing session.
Measuring EEG, Temp., GSR, HRV and respiration.
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