Contact:  Juan Acosta-Urquidi, PhD.
drjuan@energymedresearch.com,  jacostau@yahoo.com
Energy Medicine Research
Research and Consulting services in Energy Medicine based technologies and devices is on a
contract basis. Professional fees depend on scope and duration of project.
Call for a discussion of the project.
Lectures and Presentations
Please contact me to arrange schedule and fee.
With Prof. Dr. Karl Pribram at 15th Annual ISNR
(www.isnr.org) Conference, San Diego, CA, 2007.
The author holding bent spoons and
forks.Warmformer workshop.ISSSEEM,1997,
Boulder, CO.
The author flanked by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf and Prof. Karl Pribram.
Tucson 3, Science of Consciousness Conference, Tucson, AZ,
The author with Dr. E. Roy John
Congreso ANIA, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, 2008
With Prof.William Tiller
www.williamtiller.org) at CIHS
Symposium 2011, Encinitas, CA
With Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Founder of CIHS
www.cihs.edu) at Research Symposium
2011, Encinitas, CA.
Dr. Juan Acosta with Dr. James Oschman, the author of "Energy
Medicine, The Scientific Basis"
, at an ISSSEEM Conference in
Boulder, CO, 2007.
            With Dr. James Oschman
(www.energyresearch.us in Seattle, 2005
At ISNR Conference, 2012 (www.isnr.org) with Drs.
Richard Soutar and Stephen Larsen.
The author with Dr.Glen Rein (right) at Society for Scientific
Exploration 2012 (SSE,
Conference, Boulder, CO.
With Dr. Amit Goswami
www.amitgoswami.org) at
www.issseem.org)  2010.