In our human history on this earth, from tribal
groups to some sophisiticated organized
societies, the first priests, doctors, artists and
community leaders were the
Shamans; men and
A Shaman embodies the sacred connection to
the world of Spirits and Nature. As healers,
through their skill and discipline of accessing
altered states of consciousness (ASCs), they
bring back the knowledge and guidance to
catalyse the healing process in their clients.

I am exploring the Shamanic roots of Energy
Healing and I am coming to accept that
Shamanic Healing lies at the roots of every
discipline and practice of Energy Healing.
Shamanism among the world's Indigenous
societies is very much alive today and thriving.
In our postmodern industrialized and
cyberconnected world there is also a rise of a
form of Neoshamanism; perhaps this indicates
our ancestral birthright yearning to feel
connected to the great web of life.
Shamans have been doing their
work for thousands of years.
Ancient rock art from East Cape, S. Africa depicts a
community healing dance. In the center of the circle
a shaman performs a healing on a patient. From:
The Shamans of Prehistory.  J. Clottes and D.
Lewis-Williams, Harry Abrams, NY,1998.
Numic Rain Shaman.
Rock Art from Little Petroglyph Canyon,
Coso Range, CA, USA.
Seeking balance within and with all creation.
Ojibway (Ontario, Canada) artist Roy Thomas'  "Spirit paintings" embody the importance of being in right
relationship with ourselves and our natural world.
c Garfinkel Publications 1993, Vancouver, Canada
Searching for Ourselves
In balance at all Times emphasizes the great web
of life, our interdependence and interconnectedness.
shamanism research
A Traditional hands-on healing.
Cuna Indians, Panama.
Tito LaRosa Peruvian Shaman Sound Healer
The web of life force
energy connecting us all