The Huichol Shaman (Mara'akame)
During Jose Benitez Sanchez visit to Seattle, 2000.
left, explaining the symbolism in his art; right,
with Dr. Acosta at his gallery art show.
Jose BS with the author outside Tepic,
Mexico., 2001
Jose Benitez Sanchez conducting
"Ceremonia del tambor" (drum ceremony)
Tepic, Nayarit, 2001.
Visionary Huichol yarn art depicts the Wirrarrika cosmovision
"Tatei-Atsinari", yarn painting depicting a world creation
myth by Jose Benitez Sanchez, 1980.
Detail of yarn painting depicting a Mara'akame
calling in his spirit helpers to assist in a
healing ceremony.
Jose Benitez Sanchez, Nayarit, Mexico, 2001.
"Ritual Healing", depicts a Mara'akame in a ritual
healing ceremony. The patient and shaman work
closely  to contact the spirit entities causing the
illness and the shaman sends white light to affect
the cure.
Yarn paintings  by Mariano Valadez, 1992.
c Dharma Enterprises, Oakland, CA, 1992.
The Spirit of Hikuri.
Don Alejandro Carrillo performing a
"limpia" (cleansing) with his feather tool
Healing technique with "muvieri" arrow-feathertool.
The author with friend Mara'kame artist
Don Alejandro Carrillo
The author with Maraakame Don
Marcelino Arias, Matehuala, 2008.
During the peyote "hunt" with Don
Marcelino, Wadley, SLP, Mexico.